a plesioth


12 ft


1 ton.


teeth,water beam,body

Plesioth are large Piscine Wyverns commonly found in jungles and desert water caves. Plesioth have shiny blue scales and heads shaped like that of sharks. They are commonly seen in the water, but have adapted legs for hunting. When weakened, the Plesioth's top fin flattens against their back. Due to its aquatic nature, the Plesioth spends a lot of its time in the water, making it difficult for Blademasters to attack. However, there are a few ways to lure the monster out of its domain. The most common way is throwing a Sonic Bomb; this will make the Plesioth jump with surprise and it will usually leap out of the water afterwards. However, Sonic Bombs don't work 100% of the time, and automatically send the Plesioth into Rage Mode. Gunners can shoot Crag S and Clust S to trigger the same effect. Another method would be to fish it out, using Frogs as bait. This method can only be done if the Plesioth is calm and not engaged in a battle with a hunter.

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