a popokarimu


13 ft.


200 lbs.



Popokarimu is a bat-based B.O.W. produced by the TriCell Pharmaceutical Company. It resembles a large mutated-overgrown Bat with an insect's thorax as a tail with several legs attached to the tail. This is probably the result of gene splicing done on a bat. Its entire body is extremely resilient, only the fleshy underside of its tail is vulnerable to your attacks.

Standing upright, it resembles that of a scorpion, its shell protecting it from gunfire. Likewise, it attacks as such. Along with a charge attack, Popokarimu has a body slam as well as the ability to take flight. While in the air, attacks are virtually useless unless one attacks its vulnerable tail. It also has a sticky substance that can come out of the back of its tail so be careful.

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