a powerwild


4 ft.


70 lbs.



The monkey-like Powerwild are covered in blue fur, appearing lighter around their head and torso, and darker around their arms, legs and long tails. The center part of their face is pitch-black with jagged edges, and two glowing, yellow eyes can be seen. The inner sections of their round ears are a light purple color, as are their large paws and feet, which end with sharp, black claws. They seem to be wearing golden bracelets and anklets, and the Heartless emblem can clearly be seen emblazoned on their chest.

The former part of the Powerwild's name is a reference to their quick and powerful attacks. Other Heartless of its family share the latter part of the name, signifying that they are of the same species. It could also be referring to the Heartless's wild, monkey-like appearance.

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