predator hound
Predator hound
a predator hound


3 ft.


70 lbs.



 Predator hounds are a semisentient species used by the Tracker Super Predator to hunt prey on the game preserve planet.

They are by Super Predators to flush out their prey, the same way as a hunter would use dogs to flush out their quarry. The hounds are controlled by the Tracker Predator. The Tracker has a whistle device that is used to call the hounds back to their master in case the hounds did too much damage and killed the prey. If this were to happen, the Super Predators would have no prey to hunt for. It was stated by Robert that the reason the "dog handler" has armor on his legs and the armor on his arms is because of the large horns and spikes that are present on the Predator Hounds. They have a high pain tolerance and they are also resilient from the gunshot wounds which would be fatal to creatures from Earth, it takes several shots to take them down or possibly hit their vital organs. Even when being shot with a weapon like a Minigun, they remain standing for a good amount of time, though this could simply be due to the inaccuracy of the wielder, as very little evidance of the creatures actually being hit is shown.

Despite being called dogs or hounds, they appear to be therapsids(mammal-like reptiles); they have scales and have an almost tricerotops-like appearance, but look like a canine at the same time.

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