prisoner juggernaut
Prisoner juggernaut
a prisoner juggernaut


7 ft.


190 lbs.



They are dominant to the smaller Prisoner Minion . On one occasion, a Prison Juggernaut leads two Minions around on meat hook "leashes" like dogs.Juggernauts look very similar to the smaller Minions, appearing as pale-skinned humans with tattoos covering their bodies and their faces twisted into permanent grins. They lack the metal contraptions of the Minions, but have barbed-wire wrapped loosely around their midsections and tightly around their arms instead. It appears that this barbed wire is threaded into their faces as well, keeping their expression frozen and leaving deep indentations in their flesh. True to their name, Juggernauts are huge and inhumanly strong, with muscular physiques. This imposing enemy uses his devastating charge attack to get into melee range; then he follows up with a series of powerful strikes. Juggernauts also have an enormous amount of stamina, able to absorb huge amounts of damage from melee strikes and firearms alike. They also frequently ignore attacks, shrugging them off and following through with their own attacks.

When facing a Juggernaut, it's best to dodge its' charge. Land a few hits while the enemy turns to face you, then use basic melee tactics; block the Juggernaut's strikes and counterattack when finding an opening. However, it is advised that you use firearms or flee.

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