prisoner minion
Prison minion
a prisoner minion


6 ft.


180 lbs.



They wear a metal contraption on their heads. There are two types of Prisoner Minions: Brawlers and Stabbers. There is a larger, more powerful variant called the Prisoner Juggernaut . One such Juggernaut is shown walking around with a Brawler and a Stabber on "leashes," with meat hooks dug into their backs and being forced to walk around on all fours like dogs, making it very obvious that the Juggernaut is the dominant monster.Prisoner Minions appear to be dark-skinned, tortured humanoids covered in tattoos and lacerations. They all wear ragged brown pants secured with a cord. Their most distinctive feature however, is the series of metal framework digging into their face. These metal strips stretch their faces, forcing open their blank white eyes and keeping their mouths taut into inhumanly huge open-mouthed grins. The straps appear to be bolted to their heads, and blood constantly drips from their mouths, covering their necks and chests. Stabbers are even more deformed, with withered left arms and the flesh of their knife-wielding hand mutated and fused into a tumorous lump.

They display a lot of violent twitching, having quick spasms and convulsions from the waist up very constantly. When left idle and unaware of your presence, they appear to grapple with their restraints, trying in vain to remove them.The Brawler variant is a powerful, straightforward melee fighter. These creatures have no special abilities to speak of, but they do have some very effective strikes. Brawlers tend to attack head on, just jabbing and throwing punches and kicks. The Brawlers also have the ability to ear-slap you, by slapping both of his ears simultaneously to create a disorientating effect.  Basic melee tactics should allow to defeat a lone Brawler with minimal effort.

The Stabber is a more agile variation of the Prisoner Minion. Stabbers tend to move in and out of melee range, which makes it much more difficult to counterattack after a successful block. Their erratic movements can also make it fairly difficult to land ranged attacks. 

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