pyramid head
Pyramid head
pyramid head


8 ft.


1 ton.


spear,great knife,tongue

 Pyramid Head's appearance is that of a large, well-built human male. He wears a helmet, which is always hiding his face completely, and typically is seen wielding a Great Knife or a spear. He never speaks, but muffled noises can be heard from beneath his helmet. He is very strong and can lift you off the ground with one hand. he dons a white robe-like outfit with no sleeves, and what appears to be rubber gloves with fused fingers. His iconic pyramid-shaped helmet appears to be a rusty hunk of metal grafted onto his head, with a single hole drilled into it. A tentacle or tongue-like appendage can snake out of this hole and impale a creature he has grappled.

His robes do not cover his chest and instead drop down more, obscuring his legs completely, and are held up by numerous belts.

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