a rathalos


18 ft.


2 tons.


claws,teeth,fire breath,tail

 Rathalos are medium to large-sized flying wyverns , with their most notable features being their crimson appearance and huge fire patterned wings. Rathalos inhabit many areas; they are most commonly found in the Forest & Hills, along with the volcanic zone and the Swamp zone.

Rathalos spend most of their time fighting while airborne. This ability to live in the strangest and harshest of climates makes the Rathalos renowned far and wide as the King of the Wyverns..

There are two Rathalos subspecies; an Azure variant inhabiting the same zones as its red cousin, and a more solitary subspecies, the Silver Rathalos , that inhabits a far more secluded area, the ancient Tower, as well as the Swamp zone occasionally. All Rathalos are male with a female counterpart known as the Rathian .

Rathalos have a whole variety of attacks, ranging from burning the hunter with a set of three fireballs from the air, to their incredibly deadly poison scratch, which leaves the hunter both poisoned and stunned

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