a rathian


18 ft.


1 ton.


claws,teeth,fire breath,tail

 Rathian is the female counterpart of the Rathalos and also renowned as The Queen of the Wyverns. Rathians are green wyverns that slightly vary from Rathalos in looks and attacks. She has a patch of brown thorns on her upper back and her tail spikes are filled with poison. The Rathian fights on the ground a lot more than the Rathalos, who more often exhibits aerial attacks such as fireballs and claw attacks. They are prized for their rare Plates and Rubies. The Rathian has two other subspecies, the Pink Rathian and Gold Rathian .

Monster Hunter G - Rathian Ecology00:36

Monster Hunter G - Rathian Ecology

the Rathian's ecology

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