a raviente


500 ft.


50 tons.




 Raviente is a giant, tusked serpent living on a lonely island far from civilization. It can burrow both underground and underwater. Raviente's roar is on a whole other level unlike any seen before, requiring a skill larger than High Grade Earplugs to block.

Raviente primarily attacks by smashing its face into the ground causing an array of flying rocks. Because of the succession of these hits, hunters caught in the vicinity will become knocked out .Once in awhile, Raviente will become stuck into the ground for roughly 15 seconds, becoming vulnerable. It has many devastating attacks like its gigantic fireballs, but Raviente will deeply inhale before releasing them, giving ample warning. The various islands in which it is fought have green spots that randomly appear on the ground, and by standing on these, you will recieve a health boost; however, there are also darker, brownish spots which slowly sap away your health when you step on them.

Raviente can release a powder that ignites, much like the Teostra . After burrowing into the ground, there will be a series of volcanic geyser eruptions similar to Akantor's fire pillars, except that it takes a bit longer before it explodes. Stepping onto the fire area decreases hunters health. It is also capable of apparently summoning a hail of meteor-like rocks to bound across the field, although they may be a coincidental natural occurrence.

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