red khezu
Red khezu
a red khezu


8 ft.


12 tons.



 Red Khezu, are medium-sized wyverns and the colored subspecies of the Khezu . Also known popularly amongst hunters as the "Blood Khezu" because of its blood red-like tint to its flesh. Unlike the Khezu however, who attacks close-range enemies with its head straight forward, the Red Khezu can be unpredictable as it prefers to flail its neck frantically about. However, the Red Khezu is still weak to attacks focused on its head and neck and can be easily overcome when tripped. This specific subspecies, interestingly, is immune to fire and weak to water, unlike the Khezu, and the difference in elemental weakness is believed to be due to its unique colour variation. The Red Khezu's veins are less visible than the normal Khezu's because of the darker colored skin, but the skin still has a thin layer of moisture that keeps it hydrated, just like the normal Khezu. The Red Khezu's skin is also very prone to scratches.

While both the Khezu and the Red Khezu are known for gripping onto the ceilings of caves, dripping acid saliva or dropping down on unsuspecting hunters below, many hunters may recall that the Red Khezu is more 'known' for this behavior out of the two. Especially in the swamps, where the subterranean cave system is more expansive and thus the Khezu alternates between 'zones', giving it the opportunity to latch onto the ceilings and take hunters by surprise

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