romanian longhorn
Romanian longhorn
a romanian longhorn


12 ft.


2 tons.


claws,teeth,fire breath

The Romanian Longhorn is a dragon native to Romania. Its habitat is the mountains. The Romanian Longhorn has dark green scales, and two long, glittering golden horns. The Longhorn prefers to gore its prey with its horns before roasting it. The horns of the Longhorn, when powdered, are highly prized as a potion ingredient, and is a Class B Tradeable Material. The Longhorn is seen as being very bulky and large despite being a fairly medium sized species of dragon they appear to have larger muscles. It is also the only dragon that has horns that go straight out like a bull.

The native territory of the Longhorn has become home to the world's largest and most important dragon reservation. In recent years, the Longhorn has undergone an intensive breeding program after its numbers plummeted due to the demand for its horn.