royal ludroth
Royal ludroth
a royal ludroth


7 ft.


500 lbs.


teeth,head,water bombs

 The Royal Ludroth is a medium sized Leviathan, and the alpha-male of the Ludroth . It has a crown-like crest as well as a large yellow mane; both of which can be broken. Its tail can also be cut off which if collected it can be worth a lot. The Royal Ludroth uses a water-bomb charge attack bearing some resemblance to the Gypceros ' "Drunken Charge". The creature has been seen wherever Ludroth, smaller females of the same species, have been spotted. The Royal Ludroth shows gender-dimorphism, as the male is much larger and stronger than the female.

The mane around its neck is a spongy material which it uses to store water while on land. Its spongy mane will shrink as it gets tired, causing its ability to use water attacks to be hindered. Usually when this happens, it will retreat back to water to recover stamina. It can also roll in puddles to rehydrate..

Royal Ludroth also uses rolls to attack a hunter. There are 2 types of rolls that Royal Ludroth can perform. One in which it will do a short roll to its side and another where it will do a roll/body slam that covers more distance and is considerably faster. The shorter roll is sometimes used to recover stamina

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