rubber face
Rubber face
a rubber face


5 ft.


170 lbs.


teeth,pipes,golf clubs

They are ape-like beings that are often found in groups. Rubber Faces have gray, mottled skin that appears to be decaying. Their faces appear somewhat human , however they make monkey-like screeching and grunting noises. They also have a tendency to carry golf clubs with them. They come in two varieties, called Old Types and New Types. Old Type Rubber Faces are completely gray and are much more common. They have large tumors growing out of their throats, which almost appear like another head emerging. The New Types have red patches on their bodies that appear like scrapes and cuts and lack the tumor-like appendage of the Old Types. Rubber Faces of both varieties behave in the same fashion. They have two walking modes, one of which is bounding around quickly on all-fours, and the other is shambling slowly on two. While on two legs they can swing their arms and bite you, those being their primary attack methods. If they are carrying a weapon, they will swing it in order to do much more damage. New Types are much more likely to carry a weapon and are faster on the attack

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