a rukodiora


25 ft.


3 tons.



Rukodiora is an Elder Dragon. It inhabits a new Fort type area, the Interceptor's Base, to which it is laying siege.

It shares the same general build as other Elder Dragons. It has large gold colored horns that can be broken three times, golden wings, grey scales, and spines along its tail. A dark circle, along with boulders and other debris surrounds Rukodiora.

When attacking, Rukodiora uses the levitating debris around it to throw at hunters. It also uses its claws to swipe at the hunter, releases elemental balls and has a sweeping beam. It also appears to manipulate magnetism in a complex way while its magnetic rings allows it to manipulate polar magnetism when it is in rage mode. It first inflicts the status through contact with any of its red attacks or through an orange 'dust' from its wings. When its ring flashes red, anyone who is magnetised will be drawn to Rukodiora. When its ring pulses blue, the magnetic attraction ceases, however, it in turn allows it to inflict its status again.

Rukodiora can be paralyzed but can still move around while paralyzed, unlike most of the previous monsters that remain in one place. Rukodiora is also susceptible to Poison, Sleep, Flash Bombs, and KO with Impact attacks. When its tail is cut off or horn is broken, it will temporarly lose its magnetic ability.

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