still frame taken from first exploration of SCP-087







SCP-087-1 is a creature of unknown origin living on SCP-087 - an unending staircase. All those who go down 087 can hear a crying child roughly 200 metres down, which seems to get lower at the same speed as the person descending. The crying child is possibly 087-1 trying to lure them in, although this is yet to be confirmed. It stalks people down 087, usually coming from in front of the person, but sometimes behind them. Four of the SCP Foundation's D-class personnel have gone down SCP-087, only to be confronted by SCP-087-1.

In each case, with the exception of the third, SCP-087-1 attacked the D-Class from lower down. The third, it appeared behind D-9884. In this case, it chased her down further into SCP-087. The peculiar thing is, unlike with previous and later tests, SCP-087-1 stared directly into the camera, rather than at the intruder. Based on the events in Document 860-IV, which involved testing SCP-860 with the entrance to SCP-087, it is possible that SCP-087-1 knew it was being watched. D-9884 is presumed dead, having never returned before the audio and video feeds cut out.

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