a scarmiglione


6 ft.


270 lbs.


lance arm,shield,electric tentacle

Scarmiglione appear as tall humanoid creatures resembling knights, their right arm has mutated into a lance-like appendage, and their left arm has mutated into a shield-like appendage which it uses to protect itself from damage. The primary way of attacking consists of powerful swipes with their lance arm while slowly walking towards their target, this attack is also capable of knocking down a person

They will also occasionally charge at you with their shield when they are within attack range. Scarmigliones will actively use their shield to block attacks depending on where you are aiming, this can make successive shots on parts of the body difficult. They take additional damage when attacked on the head.

Scarmigliones will undergo one of two transformations depending on where they take the most damage:

When damaged more in the torso and head, a Scarmiglione's upper body will explode leaving only its legs and an electric tentacle which functions like a whip. In this form, the legs will shamble themselves to you in an attempt to shock you with the tentacle. This form is dealt additional damage when damaged on the tentacle.

When damaged more on the legs, the Scarmiglione's legs will explode leaving only the upper torso on the ground. In this form they will crawl on the ground, and attempt to stab you with their lance-arm. Like in their full form, they are dealt additional damage when attacked on the head.

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