Scythid crawler
A Scythid Crawler


1-7 ft.


25-550 lbs.



Scythids are large, leech-like creatures native to the planet Pandora. They have fleshy appendages on there sides that allow them to jump and fly. Scythids are fast, usually low to the ground, and always attack in groups. They are generally not regarded as dangerous enemies, although they can offer some element of surprise with their mob attacks and tendency to remain hidden until potential prey ventures close. Other than the small Scythid Crawler, Scythids are not particularly fragile. It is unknown if Scythids went extinct after the opening of the Vault, although, as none have been seen since, it is safe to assume this to be true.


Name Image Description
Scythid Crawler
Scythid crawler
Scythid Crawlers are very small, pale pink Scythids. Though sneaky, their attack style is limited. After approaching a target along a straight line, they will emit a high-pitched noise and leap at their target. They pause in their movement before leaping and just repeat this strategy until they or their target dies.
Desert Scythid
Desert scythid
Desert Scythids look like dark brown scarab beetles with their distinctive shiny backs. They are the fastest type of Scythid, easily able to overtake prey trying to dash or back away. In terms of attack behavior they are the most complex Scythids. In addition to the leaping attack, they will rush their target with a narrow zig-zag and when in range, rear up and attempt a powerful slashing attack. Sometimes they will take to the air, frantically flapping their side appendages while extending their slashing spines, and will either try to fly behind their prey while they are distracted with other Scythids, or they will just fly at their target's face and try for a slash attack.
Bursting Scythid
Bursting scythid
Bursting Scythids are large bloated Scythids that prefer to get close and attack exactly like the Crawler. They are weak but explode when killed, damaging their victim if they are close enough. Bursting scythid glow immediately before exploding.
Giant Scythid
Giant scythid
Big and ugly, with blue-green coloring along the back and a dull orange underbelly, Giant Scythids are easy to spot. They are also tougher and harder hitting than the other breeds of regular Scythid, but fortunately these behemoths are limited in their attack patterns. They will steadily approach prey, their heads raised, and swipe with a slashing attack, or they will leap from close range to initiate a knock back strike.
Badass Fire Scythid
Fire scythid
Fire Scythid Crawlers are similar in color to the Bursting Scythids but slightly bigger, and significantly tougher. Slow for a Scythid, this breed will move into range and begin bombarding its victim with a torrent of 6-10 fireballs. This attack pattern can be deadly, as once it starts, it will not stop until finished and if a target tries to out-range the bombardment, the Burning Crawler will just arc them farther.
Badass Shock Scythid
Shock scythid
These creatures look exactly like Giant Scythids except for their total blue color and the electrical sparks running across their surface. Like the Burning Scythid, this breed of Scythid will quickly move to range and then release an arcing shock projectile that quickly shuts down to shields. In addition, they also have the slashing attack of Giant Scythids, but with the added danger of shocking their prey. Fortunately, they won't employ the slashing attack often, preferring their ranged bombardment while other Scythids act as interference.
Badass Poison Scythid
Poison scythid
This breed of Scythid is as big as the Giant Scythid while attacking with all the complexity and blinding speed of the desert scythid. In addition to a moderately damaging acid-based spray of projectiles it can leap, fly, zig-zag, and slash. Like all elemental Scythid, the Badass Poison Scythid explodes when it dies, usually triggering a acidic blast.

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