sea neon
Sea neon
a sea neon


4 ft.


50 lbs.



Sea Neons are small Heartless enemies resembling jellyfish that appear exclusively in Atlantica and its corresponding location in End of the World. They are essentially Atlantica's version of the Shadow Heartless; they are the weakest Heartless there, and come in numbers.

A Sea Neon may come in a group, usually with at least one Sheltering Zone nearby.

The Sea Neons are based on jellyfish, though they have a number of features that distinguish them from their real-life counterparts. While they have a number of small bluish-green tentacles dangling beneath them, they also have two massive pale blue ones in the front that allow them to deal large amounts of damage during their twist attacks. Within their light grayish-blue transparent heads and hidden behind the prominent Heartless emblem there are their sinister Heartless visages, complete with a crooked, toothy smile, bright yellow eyes, and a medium-length plume that ends in a spiral

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