search ghost
Search ghost
a search ghost


4 ft.


60 lbs.



Search Ghosts are well-designed for their appearances in areas where a spooky atmosphere is required. Pale-skinned and bearing the classic footless ghost shape of Japanese folklore, they are clad in purple tunics bearing the Heartless emblem. The sleeves of the tunic end in white cuffs with gold cuff links, but the fashionable nature of the tunic is ruined a bit by the torn hemline and a rip on the left side that exposes the Search Ghosts' ribcage. Search Ghosts also wear white cuffed gloves, but noticeably, there is no flesh or skin connecting the sleeves of the tunic to the Ghosts' hands, only a disturbing empty gap.

Search Ghosts also bear the traditional Heartless jagged jawline and yellow eyes; however, their wide yellow eyes have black angled spirals on them. In addition, the right eye has been pulled out of the socket, and is only held to the head by a length of silver chain. The Ghosts' remaining good eye is what they use to search for their prey, emitting a yellow glow while looking, and with the glow turning red when a target has been spotted

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