a shakalaka


3 ft.


70 lbs.



 The Shakalaka are small humanoids who wear masks and carry a small sword. Their leader, the "King Shakalaka " carries a large club, and wears a BBQ spit on top of his head along with a larger mask. Shakalaka may hide in plain sight beneath fake mushroom disguises or, as seen in the Snowy Mountains, under a fake piece of ice. In the Desert they camouflage under a fake cactus, distinguishable by a different texture and color, as is the case with their other disguises.

Shakalaka should not be underestimated; they can easily take out an unsuspecting hunter with exceedingly quick attacks and inflictions of poison. They are rather clumsy when they attack, but may also be armed with Bounce Bombs and Sleep Bombs. They are known to sometimes drop fake, explosive treasure in the form of a "shiny". Like the Felyne and Melynx, they will dig underground when defeated, leaving behind their masks, which can then be carved. There are no information on the face of a Shakalaka because they always quickly dig underground when hurt too much. Their intelligence allows them to live in a multitude of environments.

In Quests where the objective is to hunt multiple Shakalaka, they will often only come out from under their disguises in a certain order

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