shen gaoren
Shen gaoren
a shen gaoren


120 ft.


60 tons.


feet,pincers,acid balls

Shen Gaoren is a giant Carapaceon that roams the land. It is recognized for its grey skin, towering legs and gigantic green-yellow balls of acid generated and hurled from the rear of its body, which carries the skull of a Lao Shan Lung . Its colossal size helps it to defeat most creatures. The diet of Shen Gaoren is unknown; however, it is likely to be omnivorous, like most real-life crabs. When the legs of Shen Gaoren become weakened, they become inflamed, turning blood red, suggesting it's suffering from internal bleeding in its legs. Unlike the Lao-shan Lung, Shen Gaoren is more territorial and will stomp anyone who is unfortunate enough to escape

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