shrieker (undead)
Shrieker undead
a shrieker (undead)


6 ft.


150 lbs.



these undead creatures are a unique mutation of the zombies .This type of zombie is very similar to others in that they exhibit the same type of dead grey flesh. Like other zombies, their skin shows signs of being easily bruised and damaged though it is unknown currently if their entire body is as fragile as the typical zombie. Like all the zombies created from the C-Virus, their mobility does not seem to be as degraded as some previous incarnations. They are capable of walking and running relatively unhindered.

The most notable thing about these creatures is the large tumor-like growth that protrudes from a hole in the center of their chest. This growth seems to pulsate as it glows a bright red-orange color. Because of this growth, the neck of the creature is considerably longer to accommodate the sheer size of the organs. It is capable of producing a loud, ear-piercing scream that causes the growth to pulsate more rapidly and briefly deflate slightly as it loses its glowing color.

The screamer as it seems to be regenerating its ruptured lungs.It is likely that this growth is in fact the lungs of the creature after being vastly mutated. These lungs are very sensitive, easily ruptured by gunfire. When the lungs are destroyed, the gaping hole on its upper torso is revealed.The creature is still able to utilize part of its respiratory system. The connection of thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage, trachea, carina of trachea, and main bronchi is visible through the gap, and seems to be utilized in producing another scream as it begins to regenerate its ruptured lungs.Little is known about this creature so far. It seems to move past any of its zombie brethren to get closer to its target, unlike other variations that simply bump into each other as they shamble forward. Once in range, it will use its mutated lungs to produce a scream that is easily capable of stunning its prey. As it is still a form of zombie, it still craves to eat flesh

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