a slasher


5-6 ft.


150-180 lbs.



 Slashers are the most common form of Necromorphs . While relatively weak when alone, and possessing slow reflexes, Slashers can pose a serious threat when in groups.

created from a single human corpse, the Slasher is one of the most interesting and varied of the recombinant organisms one might encounter. This variation is best brought attention to by the creature's most distinguishing feature: its slashing arms. These limbs are sometimes created by mutating existing limbs, lengthening and reinforcing them, driving a long, heavy blade through the palm. In others the slashing arms are entirely new appendages sprouting from the shoulder blades, showing utterly alien bone and ligaments (the band-like structures that attach bones to each other and bones to muscle) wrapped around with specifically overdeveloped musculature. Like an alligator jaw, in both types these limbs are strongest moving only in certain directions: along the inward sweep and downward stroke. This makes the attacking blow devastating, and any grasping hold initially unbreakable, however unless quickly disabled a victim can easily break free and even retaliate. For this reason, grappling Slashers are quick to strike for the neck, tearing into vital blood vessels.

Another varying feature upon Slashers is the lower set of limbs. In all but one variant, these atrophied limbs sprout out from the abdomen. In certain cases these appear to be the original arms clapped down the sides of the body, the forelimbs hanging limp before the hips. In others spindly, vestigial arms poke out from the exposed abdominal cavity, providing no other visible use than in keeping the belly exposed to the open. Regardless of their origins, these limbs seem to serve no purpose, as they are too small and lacking in blades or claws to slash or rend, and have not been seen to aid in a grapple.

Certain features are all but universal to the Slasher breed, such as the stiff vocal chords and hunched back to better angle the slashing arms. The bones of the feet are fused and lengthened while the heel bone is extended almost parallel to the angle of the sole, forming a sharp peg that aids in balance. While this modified digitigrade (toe-foot) may aid the creature in rapidly crawling through vents and running, it is less than optimal in simple walking, and as such Slashers have difficulty holding their balance without constantly moving their slashing limbs in counter-weight.

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