sniffer dog
Sniffer dog
a sniffer dog


3 ft.


70 lbs.



A common enemy. the Sniffer Dogs are dog-type creatures that have long, prehensile tongues that they use to drain the blood of their prey. They have dirty, leathery skin which appears to be decaying and, strangely, make snarling sounds which resemble that of a large feline rather than a canine. Their gums are prominent and hold large, dagger-like canines. The male variety has visible eyes, ears and green tinted fur and flesh. Females are missing eyes and ears and are purple tinted, with longer, sharper claws. The gender and rank of the Sniffer Dog is betrayed by their coloration. Green-tinged Sniffer Dogs, thought of as males, are weaker and less threatening than the purple-tinged, thought of as female, variety. They serve the same function as Groaners and Double Heads . The male Sniffer Dogs have a green-yellow tinge to their skin and attack by charging up and lunging towards your torso. Female Sniffer Dogs, which have a purple-pink appearance, are much more intelligent and tend to detect your presence more quickly. The females are capable of grabbing onto the leg and pinning you down while others of its companions attack him. The Sniffer Dogs often appear in groups.

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