sniper wild
Sniper wild
a sniper wild


4 ft.


130 lbs.



A Sniper Wild is a feminine, monkey-like Heartless with predominantly magenta fur. Its fur is covered by white stripes, the fur on its torso is brown, and the fur on its hands and feet is black. It wears brown and tan bracelets and armlets, a gold choker, two gold hoop earrings, and a violet bow. Its face is pitch-black and its eyes are glowing yellow. The Sniper Wild carries a small slingshot as a weapon and its Heartless emblem is emblazoned on its chest.

The former part of the Sniper Wild's name highlights its weapon, a slingshot capable of hitting enemies from a distance. Other Heartless of its family share the latter part of the name, signifying that they are of the same species. It also refers to the Heartless's wild, monkey-like appearance.

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