snow beast
Snow beast
the snow beast


14 ft.


2 tons.



The Snowbeast is a large Necromorph that appears on Tau Volantis The Snowbeast is a Necromorph found on the surface of Tau Volantis. Because of its humongous body structure, it is likely either made up of multiple human corpses or is a Necromorph mutation of a creature indigenous to Tau Volantis (this is implied by several S.C.A.F. logs). It uses its long tentacles with its incredibly fast tentacle in its mouth to catch prey with. It has yellow-colored weak tissues on its tentacles. If its tentacles are dismembered, then a secondary set of tentacles appear with yellow weak points, which critically damage the Snow Beast and do not regenerate, at least the first two times that it is encountered. It is approximately 14 feet tall. It is very resilient, powerful and relentless and also seems to understand when it has lost the advantage, by retreating after it has its tentacles destroyed, which is unusual as no other necromorph has ever been recorded retreating from an attack. 

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