a sodibaya


6-9 ft.


180-230 lbs.


arms,plagas,spear,wooden shield,longbow,bomb

The Sodibaya were a tribe of West Africans living in or near the Kijuju Autonomous Zone. They suffered a drastic reduction of their population and territory in the 20th century and may have died out entirely by the early 21st.The Sodibaya initially lived along a river channel, although much of this territory was taken from them when an oil field was constructed by Tricell. This forced them into the Crocodile-infested marshlands.

In 2008, the director of the oil field, Ricardo Irving, ordered the construction of a gondola system for the Sodibaya. The gondolas increased the Sodibaya's technological knowledge and lessened the threat of crocodile attacks. Eventually, Irving became a friend of the people.

The Sodibaya were sent to the oil field for treatment after Irving warned of a spreading disease. In actuality, there was no disease, and the "treatment" was an experiment involving the newly-created Type 3 Plagas .

One of the mutations inflicted upon Sodibayans.

The following morning, it was discovered that the younger children of the tribe had died from the "treatment". The tribe's chief went to the oil field to ask questions, only to return to his people and warn them that the "disease" had killed them. The fear of dying brought the Sodibaya back to the field for further "treatment" - whether they wanted to or not.

In the few days that followed, the behavior of the Sodibayan became very disturbing - the men began dressing in traditional war paint, and the women no longer grieved over their dead babies. They too died as a result of the Plagas .

Some of the men even mutated, increasing their size by nearly three feet (the giant majini )

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