sonic blaster
Sonic blaster
a sonic blaster


3 ft.


30 lbs.



 A Sonic Blaster, similar to the Trick Ghost , has two different forms; one that is right side-up and another that is upside-down. Its main body is bulky and conical, with a blue base, a black tip, and silver highlights. It levitates using a grey, conical turbine on its underside. This turbine has three blue fan blades on it. A silver, metal piece connects a large, blue and silver satellite dish to the top of the Unversed . Its red eyes are set in a happy expression and the Unversed symbol is printed on the lower half of its main body.

The Sonic Blaster's alternate form sports an identical main body and turbine as its normal form, though it is upside-down. The only significant difference between the two forms is that the satellite dish of the first form is replaced by large blue and silver laser device. This device has a red tip and somewhat resembles a rocket, and is connected to the main body by a thick, red cord. Because it is flipped upside-down, the Sonic Blaster's eyes in this form seem to be set in an angry expression.

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