a sorcerer


5 ft.


120 lbs.


magic cubes

A Sorcerer Nobody is mostly light grey, save for a small area on either side of its waist, which is a darker color, and some black markings. It appears to wear a long robe that covers almost every part of its body, including its face. The Nobody's hands are seemingly permanently connected by the sleeves of the robe, and its individual arms are only distinguishable by the black seam of the sleeves. The Sorcerer's head sports a black cross pattern that wraps around the back of its head, and its shoulders are pointed. The lower half of the robe is mostly featureless, except for a few stray black markings and a white Nobody emblem at the bottom. Sorcerer Nobodies share the dumbfounding level of flexibility all lesser Nobodies have, and they constantly pulsate for some unexplained reason.

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