stalker (Dead space)
a stalker (Dead space)


6 ft.


170 lbs.



 The Stalker is a Necromorph that attacks its prey by means of flanking and group tactics. They approach slowly and quietly in order not to be discovered whilst they get closer, making them harder to notice. they are the only Necromorph strain partially made out of animal remains.

Stalkers bear long talons ending in dangerous tips. While not efficient at slashing, they can still impale, knock down, and rend their victims. The ribcage is spread wide open, though with most Necromorphs, there is a lack of any digestive organs, and only vestigial remains of previously vital organs. Well maintained musculature in the limbs and back lead to a reinforced spinal column and neck capped by the creature's most distinguishing feature. The skull is largely exposed, sporting a thick skull cap covered in bony protrusions to aid in crushing and bashing. The upper jaw and nasal cavities are left largely intact, while the cranial dome is squashed down to provide a more even, durable striking surface, which is further supported by the cheek bones. Unlike many Necromorphs, this highly mutated skull is the hardest point on the creature, but also the point of an instantly fatal dismemberment.

Arguably the most intelligent and opportunistic Necromorphs, Stalkers work in groups to distract and flank their prey. They will run around, hide, and peek behind cover, trying to lure you into exposed areas. When they attack, they charge towards their prey while emitting a high-pitched screech with their limbs tucked behind them for protection and/or for streamlining. Stalker pack members will take turns in attacking you when they feel you have let your guard down, then flee before you have a chance to strike back. They specialize in mind games and hide and seek tactics. They are also quite resilient; while charging, their skulls and torsos are able to absorb dozens of pulse rounds without disrupting their attack. They are redoubtable foes, and in large numbers or paired with Exploders arguably the most severe threat

Since Stalkers attack methodically, there are certain patterns they use,. Peeking from around cover is usually followed up by a charge.. Stalkers show awareness of being damaged, unlike other Necromorphs, preferring to bolt to a hiding spot if it receives any damage.

They also have an Enhanced form that has double the power, speed, and health of its original counterpart.

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