a succubus


5-6 ft.


130 lbs.


seductive hypnosis,sexual drain,claws

 Succubus (Sucubi) are powerful lust she-demons who personify Man's lust-sexual nature. These beautiful winged humaniods are known to lead erotic "crusades" towards just one mortal man whom they fall in love/lust with; visiting them in the night for intimate sexual coupling and haunting their dreams and desires while draining their souls.

Sucubi have glowing crimson eyes with slit pupils and black around the irises. Their eyelashes are refined and give their eye sockets a cat-like look. Their hair color ranges from blue to black. Sucubi have refined features of full lips, large round breasts, and toned bodies. They wear as little amount of clothing as possible to sexualy arouse men. They have a pair of black wings which resemble the wings of bats, but are also known to be more scaley like dragon wings. They use their wings to wrap and embrace their prey during lovemaking, and also to fly. If one manage to seduce and surpass a succubi in sexual prowess or lovemaking then one can reduce them to sex slaves.

Like all demons, they are immortal, they have strength, speed, movement, and endurance equal to or greater than undeath. Their wings allow them self-propeled flight. They have many magical abilities including, dream inducing, sexual pleasure inducing, altering their appearance (slightly) to match their prey's ideal of beauty, the power to sense and fullfil all of a victim's desires.

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