a T-078


8 ft.


140 lbs.



 T-078 was the batch number of one of Umbrella's more successful Bio-organic weapons - Tyrant (T-103 Mass Produced Type), also known simply as the T-103 .

T-078 was delivered to Rockfort Island in a transport led by the Umbrella Security Service agent "HUNK" on the orders of the island base's commander, Alfred Ashford. This T-103 was noted for being without a limiter coat so as to test the effects of using a T-103 without such a device. Therefore, its blunted claws, which its used as battering rams, should not be considered present on all other batch numbers.

During the Hive/Host Capture Force's attack on Rockfort Island, Sir Ashford unleashed the Tyrant to kill Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside, two prisoners that were making their escape. While T-078 was seemingly defeated before reaching the prisoners' C-130 Hercules, it managed to grab hold of the plane as it escaped the island moments before a series of explosions destroyed much of the base. Boarding the plane via the cargo bay door, the Tyrant then mutated into its Super Tyrant form - T-103R. Claire was able to release a cargo crate from its safety harness, allowing it to be thrown into the B.O.W., sending both out into the sea below.

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