taikun zamuza
Taikun zamuza
a taikun zamuza


15 ft.


4 tons.



A Carapaceon monster, Taikun Zamuza inhabits new cavernous areas of the Tide Island. It smashes the ground with its large, hammer-like claw that can cause the quake status, while it jabs its opponents with its sharper spiked claw.

Taikun Zamuza has three forms. Its first form shows it with lots of dirt that covers its body acts as a second exoskeleton, shielding it from damage. The dirt covering can be broken off with repeated attacks, revealing the true shell and its second form. Its final form drastically changes its structure. Taikun Zamuza's body color changes from orange to blue. It loses its tail and its hammer-like claw is replaced with a drill-like claw. It also gains Thunder Element abilities and has two bulbs of light behind its body.

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