tatsu steed
Tatsu steed
a tatsu steed


4 ft.


130 lbs.



Like its Nightmare version, it too resembles a sea horse. But its actual color is violet-blue along the fins. The body is blue blending into green then yellow, same for the spot and trim of the wings. The pair of horns are purple with yellow tips. The spikes are also purple.

The Tatsu Steed resembles a sea horse. Its fins are exaggerated, and roughly as wide as the Tatsu Steed is long. They are dark-blue with pink, yellow, and orange spots on their length and trimming with the same colors at their ends. Two similar fins are attached to the head, which is the same shade of blue as the fins. The head has red eyes, and a pair of teal horns with light-purple tips. The main body is primarily purple, with some pink, yellow, and orange spots like the fins, and two sets of spikes with the same color scheme as the head's horns: One set on the tail, and another set on the stomach. The Dream Eater insignia crests on the creature's chest.

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