the general
The general
the general


15-30 ft.


1-3 tons.



The General is a Bull Soldier that has been modified to use a Tank Biomechanoid's lower body. This combines the Bull Soldier's rocket launchers with the Tank Biomechanoid's maneuverability, which makes a deadly foe.

The General's main attack is to fire a rocket from one arm, then quickly fire another one from the opposite arm. This lets it fire two rockets almost at once. In addition, it will also smack it's target with it's guns if a target gets too close to it.

The General has two variants; large and Monster. The large version has more health and is larger, while the Monster version is much larger than the normal version, has a lot more health, can regenerate it's health to a certain point when it's low, and is equipped with much-larger rockets.

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