the pack
The pack
the pack


3 ft.


90 lbs.



The Pack refers to a group of Necromorphs that attacks its prey using overwhelming numbers. These are one of the few Necromorphs created from the bodies of children.

To say that the Pack is made up of individuals is not entirely correct. Rather, they act as a predatory gestalt where each member works with others surrounding it to act as a greater whole. Only in very rare occasions are these Necromorphs ever encountered one at a time.

Compared to other Necromorphs, the extent of mutation invested in each member of the Pack is minimal, showing a certain economy of recombination not before encountered. Made from intact, largely undamaged adolescent corpses, the Pack still shows signs of how it died, with the abdominal injuries ripped open and the dessicated, colorless skin. The fingers and thumb of the hands have been fused together, reinforced and lengthened into stiff, bony claws suitable for slashing, rending, and stabbing. The wrist has likewise been reinforced, and the palm and palm muscles have become overdeveloped, giving the modified hands tremendous gripping strength. The shoulder blades have been extended outward from the rib cage, and dense muscle and tendon mass ripples in the new cavity, running down the length of the arms, enhancing their strength. These particular mutations let the Pack tear their victims limb from limb.

Beyond the previously mentioned changes, there are few other major transformations, and the disfigurement around the mouth, nose, and eyes looks to have stopped before it was fully formed. The soft tissues of the lips and nose have been sloughed away, and the teeth only show the most passing changes. The lower jaws are overstuffed with large, peg-like protrusions, while the upper jaw is filled with a barely organized row of fangs. The eyes have simply atrophied into their sockets.

The rest of the Pack remains unchanged, and for reasons unknown this seems to have rendered the creatures extremely vulnerable to injury compared to other Necromorphs. A single low caliber Pulse Rifle round is able to cause dismemberment, and even cut the Pack in half at the torso. This evidences a highly stressed or poorly maintained skeletal system and connective tissue network.

Perhaps due to this fragility, the Pack attacks by overwhelming its prey with numbers and sheer ferocity. Moving fast and constantly shrieking, sections of the Pack maintain cohesion via auditory cues, rushing into an area and sweeping over their victims in a storm of violence from all sides.