the silence
The silence
the silence


6-8 ft.





The silent are a race of humaniod aliens that have been on Earth since humans have discovered fire. They stand around 6-8 ft in hight and look like real-life slender-men (in fact they could be the source of slender man). One unique ability of the Silence is that the moment you turn away from them you instantly forget everything about them even looking at photographs once you turn away you forget about them. Even in public places they can remain unnoticed almost as if they are invisible. This ability is so effective that they do feel the need to carry weapons; however, they do have the ability to generate and shoot massive amounts of electricity with enough power to disinegrate a human at close-range.

Occasionally, some humans can remember a general "imprint" of the Silence, as displayed in such paintings as "The Scream". They are also more physically durable than humans; a Silence was able to handle three simultanious gunshot wounds at point-blank range directly at their chest and survive for a time afterward.

The Silence are shown to be wearing a full black suit. They can influence and control humans by telling them a command, once the human turn their heads away from the Silence they subconsiously obey the command which has been implanted in their heads in the form of post-hypnotic suggestion; rumors have it that the Silence are what persuaded the U.S goverment to spend several billion dollars in order to put a man on the moon. Also if one becomes too expose to the Silence he/she will be driven insane.

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