right what it says on the tin,this will be my personal top 10 deadliest monsters list.Now keep in mind,this is my own list so it's my opinion,our ideas may not be onto the beasts.



the ahool

the ahool is a massive hyrbid of a bat and a gorilla,nothing special.the only thing that makes him deadly is his large size



the chimera

the chimera is a hybrid creature of a lion,snake,goat,and is very dangerous as it has many weapons to kill with but sadly it pales in comparison to the other entries



the creeper

anyone who has played a game knows the creeper,the stalking green armless creature who loves to blow himself up even if it doesn't kill you because he destroys everything around him.

7.crimson headEdit

Crimson head

the crimson head

the crimson head is the result of a zombie reviving after being killed,it is now much more durable and deadly.I'd hate to find one of these during a zombie apocalypse



the acromantula

an acromantula is basically a massive spider,however it's venom is incredibly toxic and will kill in minutes,be sure to have your wand ready when one is around.



a novashadow

the novashadow is basically a larger version of the shadow heartless,it cannot be harmed without magic or the keyblade so if you don't have those then kiss your heart goodbye


the xenomorph is the perfect predator,it can maneuver,kill,and be stealthy all at the same time.born from the chests of a host they can kill right after they are born



the akantor

the akantor is a massive tank capable of piercing the hardest of armors,along with being fireproof this monster is capable of taking down a lot of the competition



the fatalis

the black dragon,the legend is a dragon of outragous power,capable of causing a dragon twice it's size to run in fear from it.



the basilisk

the king of the serpents and in my opinion,the most deadly creature to has the most potent venom out of any monster and it's very glare can kill in an instant

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