town majini
Town majini
a town majini


5-6 ft.


180 lbs.


arms, legs, axe, kukri, megaphone, club, wrench, pole, pick, shovel, crossbow, molotov, dynamite

Town Majini are residents of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone who have been infested by Type 2 Plagas and transformed into Majini , Swahili for "evil spirit".It is probable that a few were originally forced by Ricardo Irving/Tricell into ingesting Plaga , but they themselves would cause a chain reaction throughout the entire town as they fed other residents the parasite. Eventually, everyone would be infected, and as time went on, their everyday activities would grow stranger. animals in the area were found murdered and disemboweled and people in the town would become angry and aggressive towards others. Eventually, the situation got so out of hand that public executions were held in the center of town. By the time the BSAA arrived, the Majini were out of control.

Town Majini utilized any tools that could inflict damage against their enemies including: bottles, wrenches and shovels. They were able to work well in taking down enemies in groups through socialization. They were also capable of operating trucks and motorcycles to travel distances. The Town Majini occupy a great area, spanning the town and ending at the Tricell Oil Field.Town Majini very rarely erupt Plagas, owing to their early infection and lack of gestation time for the parasite.

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