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type 3 plagas
Type 3 plaga
type 3 plagas







An experimental bio-engineered form of the naturally evolved "Plaga " parasite, developed by Tricell.

By taking a subordinate Plaga (the base Plaga) and implanting a gene from the control Plaga created a new type of Plaga - the Type 3. Like the normal Plagas, the adherence rate in adult and adolescent males is approximately 92 percent, but for women and young children, The Type 3 has a 0 percent adherence rate. Due to this, Tricell found problems with the type, but their goal to have dramatic physical enhancements were somewhat realized.

The Type 3 plagas succeeded in their original purpose and vastly increased the physical abilities of the host. The jumping power of hosts showed a remarkable improvement and there was a size increase in the hosts with some reaching a height of almost three meters. This trait is exhibited by the Giant Majini of the Ndipaya tribe. It should be noted that when the members of the Ndipaya tribe were infected with the plaga parasite they developed far more visible mutations in their appearance than Base Majini . This could be noted in their arms that appear as though they have been skinned and their protruding hearts, although they did not appear to be weakspots.

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