tyrant T-002
Tyrant T-002
a tyrant T-002


9 ft.


800 lbs.



T-002, considered the first true Tyrant , was a human -based B.O.W. developed within the Arklay Laboratory.

During the events of the "Mansion incident", Albert Wesker tried to program it to slay the remaining members of Raccoon City's Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.). As the Tyrant awoke from its slumber, it decided to impale him instead, leaving him to "die" (in fact, Wesker's master plan had foreseen this event). With the help of Brad Vickers, who gave the group a Rocket Launcher; Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers were able to subdue the Tyrant, and destroy the Spencer Estate.

This Tyrant could be seen both as a catastrophic failure, and a tremendous success. It failed, because it was originally conceived as an intelligent killing machine that could follow orders and could be able to moderately pass as Human (this was ultimately achieved with Umbrella's mass-produced Tyrant, the T-103 ).

Obvious flaws in the model were its grotesque malformations, its unpredictable behavior, and its protruding heart, which provided an obviously vulnerable point. However, the Tyrant performed phenomenally well in other areas, such as endurance. It was able to endure a considerable amount of punishment and still pass through a major mutation.