tyranto rex
Tyranto rex
a tyranto rex


18 ft.


7 tons.


teeth,feet,fire breath

The Tyranto Rex is a large creature resembling a Tyrannosaurus Rex . Its dark-brown face is complemented by a large purple jaw filled with many teeth, while its Dream Eater emblem can be seen on top of its head. Two large pink horn-like projections sticking out from the top of its head.

The Tyranto Rex has a large brown body with an orange streak going down the side of it. It has a blue belly, and on its shoulders it has turquoise purple ridges. On its legs are four dots, going from light blue to purple, and it has large pink and purple claws at the end of its feet and hands, which are brown and blue. Its large tail has colorful, blade-like ridges.

"Bōkun" (暴君?) means "tyrant" in Japanese. Its name is a pun on Tyrannosaurus Rex, meaning "tyrant lizard king".

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