uroboros aheri
Uroboros aheri
an uroboros aheri


100 ft.


5 tons.



 Uroboros Aheri is a specific manifestation of the virally created giant Uroboros creature

Aheri was created when the Uroboros virus rejected the DNA of Excella Gionne, consuming her body instead of making her a superhuman. Albert Wesker seemed to be fully aware that this would be the result of her exposure to the virus, as not only did he abandon her on the deck of his freighter after injection, but he also left her in the vicinity of a large pile of dead Majinis , which Aheri consumed to grow to its monstrous size.

Upon its release from Gionne's body, Aheri immediately consumed the corpses with its root-like tentacles, absorbing their organic matter into itself and growing into an enormous size, which was Wesker's intention, hoping the creature would kill BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. Uroboros Aheri has four minor cores. Each minor core required 10000 damage to destroy.(For example, 2 shots from upgraded S&W M500 Revolver) When they are destroyed, a much larger core will then be exposed. Destroying the main core will kill Aheri. However, a single RPG-7 to the core will destroy it.

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