uroboros mkono
Uroboros mkono
an urobros mkono


8 ft.


200 lbs.



Uroboros Mkono was a specific manifestation of the virally created Uroboros creature, "birthed" from an anonymous test subject in a TriCell laboratory. It is possible that Mkono's transformation was triggered by Excella Gionne, who was watching from an enclosed observation deck, so that the creature, created when the Uroboros virus rejected the DNA of its host, would kill BSAA agents Sheva Alomar and Chris Redfield. It was far more dangerous than the Uroboros Test Subject, being much more aggressive and having two cores. Mkono was defeated through the exploitation of the creature's sensitivity towards extreme heat; the laboratory contained a flamethrower and refueling station originally designed to destroy biohazardous material in case of a leak. Redfield and Alomar used the flamethrower to weaken Mkono and then shot at its exposed vital organs. However it can be brought down by weapons fire.

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