V complex
V complex
a V complex


200 ft.


5 tons.



Following the defeat of Hilda Hidalgo, Javier fled to the arboretum, where he merged with the Veronica Flower , forming the massively enormous monstrosity known as V-Complex (assumed to stand for "Veronica Complex"). As Leon, Jack, and Manuela flee from the warehouse, the V-Complex's left arm crashes through, and they must fire at the wrist to blow it off. After this is done, they escape to ground level outside the mansion through tunnels where the V-Complex tries to kill them, where they confront the whole monster. In order to fight it, they had to fire at all of its' joints, crippling it, as well as firing at Javier, who remained inside its' skull. While they fought, it released two varieties of deadly spore from its' underside, one of which could be shot to destroy the others, as well as swinging its' arm at the fighters. During the fight, Manuela assisted them by using the power of Veronica to fire flames at V-Complex's weak points, helping them greatly. At one point, the Veronica Flower begins to take control and starts absorbing Javier's body to fuel its' regeneration, and the survivors must finish the fight before it can heal. Finally killing it, the corpse ignites, and they escape on a helicopter, as Krauser ponders his fate, Leon comforts Manuela, and Wesker watches on intently from the hills.

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