a vampire


5-6 ft.


150-180 lbs.



Vampires retain a close resemblance to their human self, the only reliably noticeable differences being a universal pallor of skin, a vividness in eye color, and heightened beauty. During their transformation, their bodies and features are refined and perfected. The common factor of beauty among vampires is mostly due to their crystalline-like skin. Additionally, their lack of body fat and the solidification of their muscles make them more fit then they were as humans. Regardless of ethnicity, a vampire's skin will be exceptionally pale. Their eye color is brighter (almost glowing) and more vivid than in their mortal life and their pupils have no sub-color. As a result of this, vampires don't have hazel or black eyes. Most vampires has sharp fangs where canines use to be, used to painlessly puncture the skin of the victims to get to arteries and veins. They are often described as having no shadows or reflection since they have no soul.They receive nutrition only from blood, and even emotions. Blood satiates their thirst and makes them stronger, but is not necessary for life. Vampires cannot starve to death due to their immortality; they only get progressively weaker and thirstier as time goes on without drinking blood. They do not need to eat human food, but can if necessary. However it has no nutritional value.

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