wall corpse
Wall corpse
a wall corpse


4 ft.


90 lbs.



It resembles a human torso impaled in a metal contraption, which looks like the Halo of the Sun, a representative symbol of the Order. The Wall Corpse is also disemboweled, and appears to have some sort of claw-like contraption crossing over its mouth.For the most part, Wall Corpses are environmental hazards. Avoiding them is advised. These creatures shoot out harmful fluids tainted by what appears to be the occasional needle, alternating between a single spray and two quick sprays. To slip past a Wall Corpse without taking damage, move immediately after its rapid fire attack.some Wall Corpses are mounted on wheels. With their enhanced mobility, these creatures are much more dangerous and also have an elongated range. Shooting these enhanced Wall Corpses will assure that less or no damage is taken.

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