a waster


5-6 ft.


160 lbs.


ice axes,saws,wrenches,crowbars,batons

The Waster uses a rather insidious disguise; they retain their hosts' clothing and overall silhouette, presumably allowing them to fool potential victims. The most immediately obvious change to their appearance is the foam in their eyes and mouth that emanates a ghostly yellow light. When it is dead, the foam stops glowing. They attack hosts using melee weapons they might have wielded in life, including ice tools, axes, saws, wrenches, crowbars, or batons. The Waster's body is heavily modified, and dismembering certain parts of their bodies can trigger horrifying transformations: When the upper body receives significant damage, the torso falls off, revealing three pronged tentacles growing out of the lower body. Upon dismembering their legs, projectile shooting appendages will sprout from the abdominal area for defense and also help with locomotion. Should the lower half of the body be destroyed, tentacles will spawn from the abdomal area from the upper body, though the existing arms will be used for movement, resorting to a crawl.  

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