a wavecrest


7 ft.


200 lbs.


tail,water balls

 A Wavecrest is a large, draconian creature with predominantly light blue and dark blue skin, save for its belly, which is light grey. Its body is rather thin, while its feet are quite large, dark blue, and somewhat resemble clogs with tips that curve upward. Its wings seem rather short and have a rough, jagged appearance. They also seem to be segmented, each segment alternating from light to dark blue. The Wavecrest's tail is long, wide, flat, and sports a few short spikes on its sides, as well as a pale yellow, zig-zagging stripe near its tip. Its forehead sports a large horn with yellow highlights that curves upward slightly. It has beady yellow eyes on either side of its head, and its Heartless emblem is on its chest.

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